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Plastic Screws
  • Plastic ScrewsPlastic Screws
  • Plastic ScrewsPlastic Screws
  • Plastic ScrewsPlastic Screws
  • Plastic ScrewsPlastic Screws
  • Plastic ScrewsPlastic Screws
  • Plastic ScrewsPlastic Screws

Plastic Screws

Jinghong Fasteners high quality plastic screws are fasteners made from various types of plastic materials. They serve a similar purpose to traditional metal screws but are used in situations where the benefits of plastic are desired.

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Product Description

Jinghong Company adheres to a business philosophy centered on "leading technology, high quality and efficiency, customer-first, abide by the contract." Our commitment is underlined by a perfect user service system, aiming to fulfill the promise of "all for customer satisfaction." We are dedicated to working hand in hand with our customers, fostering collaboration to create a better future together.

Product Specification

Name plastic  screws
Material Nylon/polycarbonate/polypropylene /polyvinyl chloride
Standards GB,DIN, BSW, JIS, UNC, UNF, Non-standard, Customized Drawing
Thread Metric Coarse, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF.
Sizes M1-M10 etc
Finish White/Natural/others
Price 0.01usd/pcs-0.20usd/pcs
MOQ Stardard item(Usually little hundred-little thousand)/determined if non-standard

Product Feature

Plastic screws can be made from different types of plastics, such as nylon, polycarbonate, polypropylene, or PVC.Plastic screws are often used in electronic devices and components where electrical insulation is crucial.They can be used in automotive applications where resistance to corrosion and weight are important.In some medical devices, plastic screws are used due to their biocompatibility and resistance to certain sterilization methods.Plastic screws are suitable for outdoor use because they are not prone to rusting.Plastic screws are not susceptible to corrosion, making them suitable for applications where metal screws might rust.Plastic screws come in various types, including machine screws, wood screws, and self-tapping screws. The choice depends on the specific application and the type of material being fastened.

Our Strength

Direct from manufacturer to customer, On time delivery

Completely fastener products,offers one - stop shopping service.

High quality and competitive price, saving your cost.

Product complies with iso9001 and ts16949 certification

After shippment, we will offer the Material report and Test report.

Product Application

Jinghong Fasteners plastic screws is widely used in variety of applications, including mechanical manufacturing, furniture production, automotive manufacturing, construction projects, and electronic equipment. You can make purchases based on their specific needs. If assistance is required, please feel free to communicate with us at any time.

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