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Nylon Nuts

The Nylon nuts generally denote nuts manufactured from nylon, a synthetic polymer known for its durability and lightweight characteristics. These nuts are frequently employed in diverse applications that demand corrosion resistance, electrical insulation, and a lightweight construction.

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Product Description

Nylon nuts are available in various sizes and types, similar to metal nuts, making them versatile for different fastening needs. Like other types of nuts, nylon nuts are designed to be used with corresponding bolts or screws, providing a secure and reliable fastening solution.

Product Specification

Name nylon nuts
Material Nylon/polycarbonate/polypropylene /polyvinyl chloride
Standards GB,DIN, BSW, JIS, UNC, UNF, Non-standard, Customized Drawing
Thread Metric Coarse, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF.
Sizes M2-M20etc
Finish White/Black/Natural/others
Price 0.02usd/pcs-0.30usd/pcs
MOQ Stardard item(Usually little hundred-little thousand)/determined if non-standard

Product Feature

Nylon nuts are made from nylon, a thermoplastic material known for its durability and resistance to chemicals.Nylon is an insulating material, so these nuts are often used in electrical applications to prevent conductivity.While nylon has many advantages, it's important to consider the temperature range in which these nuts will be used. Nylon has a relatively low melting point compared to metals, so it may not be suitable for high-temperature applications.

Our Strength

Direct from manufacturer to customer, On time delivery

Completely fastener products,offers one - stop shopping service.

High quality and competitive price, saving your cost.

Product complies with iso9001 and ts16949 certification

After shippment, we will offer the Material report and Test report.

Product Application

Jinghong Fasteners nylon nuts find use in a variety of industries, including electronics, automotive, construction, and consumer goods. They are particularly chosen for applications where the benefits of nylon, such as non-conductivity or resistance to certain chemicals, are essential.

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