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​Understanding Blind Rivets: Definition, Uses and Benefits


A blind rivet, also known as a blind rivet or buckle rivet, is a mechanical connection used to join two or more materials. Blind rivets are typically made of aluminum, steel, or stainless steel and have a round or semi-circular head with a thin pin in the center.

The use of blind rivets is very simple, just insert the blind rivet into the pre-drilled hole, then use special riveting pliers to pinch the head and press the pin into the material. Blind rivets are suitable for joining lightweight materials such as steel plates, aluminum alloys, plastics and wood.

The advantages of blind rivets are many. First, blind rivets can join materials while being accessible from both sides, eliminating the need for two people to install. Secondly, blind rivets can be installed quickly, saving time and labor costs. Finally, blind rivets have a beautiful appearance and do not protrude from the surface of the material like bolts and nuts, making the product more beautiful and elegant.