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Nickel Plated Screws


Nickel plated screw is a kind of surface treatment method with high requirement. Nickel plating of fasteners refers to the method of coating fasteners with nickel by electrolysis or chemical method, which is called nickel plating. Nickel plating Nickel plating and electroless nickel plating. Electroplating nickel is composed of nickel salt (called the main salt), conductive salt, pH buffer, wetting agent in the electrolyte, anode with metal nickel, cathode for plating, through direct current, on the cathode (plating) deposition of a layer of uniform, compact nickel coating. Bright nickel is obtained from the plating solution with brightener, while dark nickel is obtained from the electrolyte without brightener. Electroless nickel plating is a method of obtaining nickel coating on the surface of materials by autocatalytic reaction in the solution with metal salt and reducing agent.

Characteristics, performance and uses of nickel plating:

1. electroplated nickel layer in the air stability is very high, because the metal nickel has a strong passivation ability, can quickly produce a thin layer of passivation on the surface

2. electroplating nickel crystal is extremely small, and has excellent polishing performance. The polished nickel coating can obtain a mirror-like luster appearance and maintain its luster in the atmosphere for a long time. Therefore, electroplating is often used for decoration.

3. The hardness of nickel coating is relatively high, which can improve the wear resistance of the product surface. In the printing industry, nickel coating is commonly used to improve the hardness of lead surface.

4. thickness uniformity, thickness uniformity and good plating ability is a major feature of electroless nickel plating, is also one of the reasons for the wide application, electroless nickel plating to avoid plating due to uneven current distribution and uneven thickness. Electroless plating, as long as the parts surface and bath contact, bath components consumed can be supplemented in time, plating parts of the coating thickness are basically the same, even if the groove, gap, blind hole is the same.

5. plated parts will not hydrogen infiltration, no hydrogen embrittlement, electroless nickel plating does not need to remove hydrogen. It is especially suitable for surface anticorrosion treatment of high strength bolts.

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