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10.9 Grade Wheel Bolt
  • 10.9 Grade Wheel Bolt10.9 Grade Wheel Bolt
  • 10.9 Grade Wheel Bolt10.9 Grade Wheel Bolt

10.9 Grade Wheel Bolt

10.9 Grade Wheel Bolts are typically made from alloy steel that has undergone specific heat treatment processes to achieve the desired mechanical properties. The specific material used may vary among manufacturers, but it is commonly a form of medium carbon steel or alloy steel. The heat treatment process involves quenching and tempering to enhance the strength and hardness of the material.

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Product Description

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Name 10.9 Grade Wheel Bolt
Material Alloy steel
Standards GB,DIN, BSW, JIS, UNC, UNF, Non-standard, Customized Drawing
Thread Metric Coarse, Metric Fine, UNC, UNF, BSW, BSF.
Sizes Car style wheel bolt
Finish Alloy  Steel /others
Price 0.04usd/pcs-0.50usd/pcs
MOQ Stardard item(Usually little hundred-little thousand)/determined if non-standard

Product Feature

The 10.9 grade wheel bolts possess several key features that make them suitable for various applications, particularly in the automotive and machinery industries.The 10.9 grade indicates a high tensile strength of at least 1000 megapascals (MPa). This makes the wheel bolts capable of withstanding significant loads and stresses.The yield strength of the bolts is also substantial, allowing them to resist deformation and provide reliable performance under demanding conditions.Due to their high-grade material and heat treatment processes, these wheel bolts are durable and can withstand tough environments and repeated use.The high strength and reliability of 10.9 grade wheel bolts make them suitable for critical applications where strong and secure fastening is essential, such as in automotive wheels.Depending on the specific coating or material used, these bolts may offer some level of corrosion resistance, enhancing their longevity and performance in different environmental conditions.The bolts may exhibit good wear resistance, contributing to their long service life even under conditions of friction and movement.10.9 grade wheel bolts are versatile and can be used in a variety of applications, providing a strong and reliable connection in different settings.

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